DNKA Camouflage Cover Base 12 ml #0053 Glowing

-38% DNKA Camouflage Cover Base 12 ml #0053 Glowing

Professional Color Base with Strong Camouflaging Properties

DNKA Camouflage Cover Base 12 ml #0053 Glowing

Alignment and color in one product - that's what you need for a quick manicure. Flawless smoothness creates a perfect shine in gloss, and matte designs give a royal chic.

DNKa Cover Base is a collection of professional color bases with great camouflage properties, shimmering glitter, and strong camouflaging properties. It's the perfect option for both beginners and experienced professionals who are ready to impress their clients with a rich selection of shades and decorative effects, speed of work, and ease of use.

Features of DNKa Cover Base:

  • creates perfect architecture without weighing down the nails
  • made of premium ingredients
  • easy to apply and self-leveling
  • provides strength and comfort
  • impresses with a variety of trendy shades, stunning camouflaging effects, and glittery shine

How to apply DNKa Cover Base camouflaging base:

  1. Perform standard nail preparation. Adjust the shape with a file and polish the surface with a buffer.
  2. Treat the cuticle as desired: push it back with a pusher, soften it with remover, cut it with clippers or manicure scissors, or do a combo-manicure using a drill.
  3. Remove microbes, excess moisture, and dirt with an antiseptic and degreaser.
  4. The use of an acid primer or ultrabond before applying the base can promote long wear.
  5. Apply a neutral base coat to protect the nails from pigment.
  6. Apply DNKa Cover Base to the nails and cure in a UV/LED lamp for 30-60 seconds.
  7. Proceed with further nail coverage according to the chosen design.
  8. After completing the coverage, treat the surrounding cuticle area with cuticle oil to moisturize it.

DNKa Cover Base is quality, style, and perfection in every work.

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